In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Aisha Taslim

Asalaam wa Alaikum,
My name is Aisha Taslim and I said Shahadah, in February this year. My husband introduced me to Islam, but in no way did he "convert' me. 

He would just mention something simple and I would give me a answer. So then I had a look in a cd that I had , famous literature , and found the Quran and started reading it. I still haven't finished, but still I keep on reading. I said shahadah about 2 weeks after I met my husband.

We met online and when we met a week and a half later we instantly fell in love. I am divorced with 4 children, due to my illness, the two youngest reside with my ex-husband, the elder 2 have moved out of home, as they are 21 and 23 respectively. I am wheelchair disabled and find it hard to get to any Islamic shops, though my husband has managed to get a couple of books and a friend gave me some extra books, and also the Quran. Being ill I could not fast for Ramadan, much to my dismay (I have to have medication and my illness dictates that I need to keep my fluids up). I am also considerably older than my new husband, but love has no boundaries, Alhamdulillah. 

I have now experienced love as I have never before, all due to Islam. That's what was the drawing card was for me. The beautiful way described to me in the Quran.

The description of how man and wife are to each other, in the Quran, brought tears to my eyes. I've had an extremely hard life with many trials and tribulations, but I have always loved Allah, (as I now call him). I always prayed to him alone, as I was brought up in a Roman Catholic home, I could not pray to anyone else. 

When I turned 18, I joined another Christian church that managed to keep me on the right track for many years. But still I did not feel at 'home'

A lack of charity and the constant sermons on reformation and regeneration, that disenchanted me about Christianity. But I held on to my love of Allah, to see me through my 'rough' spots in life. Then I met my dear husband.

It was instantaneous recognition for both of us Alhamdulillah. I have never been so happy in my life. Ever. All thanks to Allah.

I don't know all the greetings and such , but I will learn in time and sometimes I get spat on, or get hateful looks, it doesn't wash with me, I am proud to wear Hijab, and always will.....InshaAllah.. I hope this much shortened version is ok, as I've not told my story to anyone else via email, yet. 

Regards, Aisha.  

.Keep up the good work, I always look forward to reading from your site ( ...and the many good and useful links. 

Again, Thank you. Aisha