In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Fatimah (Ann Thomas)

 Asslamualikum to my big new family!

My name is Fatimah, I converted to Islam about one month ago. I just want to say that although I have much to learn in the practices of Islam I am so delighted to have found my faith. Luckily I live in Birmingham where there is a significant community of Muslims who are so 
helpful and kind to me. I know that I can turn to any one of them for help with prayers, and anything I don't understand.

Never in my whole life have I ever felt so welcomed, wanted and loved by Allah and His people. The great hole in my heart and the sheer desolation of my spirit has been filled with purpose, responsibility, and love of Allah. I have always suffered terrible spells of loneliness. But now I know that they are gone for good and if they ever come back its because I've forgotten about Allah.

I haven't come to Islam for the sake of marrying an Islamic man, I have come to it for spiritual reasons. In fact one spiritual reason...Allah, Allah and Allah again.

I know that learning the ways of Islam will be a life times task for me, especially as I am a slow learner and my life before was full of selfishness and sin. But with the help of Allah and His Will, and the support of other good Muslims in my life I believe it is possible for me to walk the straight path