In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Dr. Mariam Majayda

Asslamualikum brother
I just became Muslim during this past Ramadan. My husband is a born Muslim but was only  "sort of living it" when we married. Later he made a decision to really live it and I saw the change in his life. That helped me to make the decision but was not the why that I chose Islam. That is a very long story.....but

I have always sought to please the Creator in my life and studied Christianity all the way to a doctorate in Theology and pastoring 
a church for nearly 30 years. 

When I had become so convinced that Christianity was based on changed words, added phrases, and other problems I closed the church I was pastoring and began studying Islam more. I made the decision to become a Muslim during a time when my husband and I were unable to  communicate by phone or computer (He is in the Middle East and I'm still in America.) so I asked an online Masjid group in UK how to become a Muslim and  prayed with them. My chest has burned with a warm fire ever since and things are very clear to me. I truly felt as if I had come home to Allah not  just chosen a religion as some think. 

Yes you are welcome to post my answer to the hajj questions. They come from my understanding of Allah from studying the English  translation of the Quran that I have and from studying Tawheed. Everything centers around obedience to the creator and his revealed will.

I hope to join my husband Insha' Allah soon in Palestine. I  will living Gaza Strip. My only hindrance is the travel money and I believe that since marriage is about husband and wife being together we must  find a way to do that. My husband is working to help me join him and I have been working also. I pray that it will now be no more than a month or two until we are together.

Dr. Mariam Majayda