In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Russian Doctor

To me of 26 years, Russian, by a trade I am a doctor - surgeon, in 1997 has finished medical academy. I accepted Islam in 1998.

Recently i finished postgraduate study and now I prepare for of my master's thesis. My case of acceptance of the Islam was a little bit atypical as in a modern Russian society there was a stereotype that moslems believing, in particular, are the older persons which have not received system education, from modern rate of life.

Can be, the knowledge has defined (determined) my choice: to know it is slightly more than others how the person is arranged, constantly to see before itself illnesses and sufferings of people, constantly to be convinced available predefiniteness of destiny of the person which, despite of all diligence to not overcome.

Whether idea about existence of the Creator, The one who only One is imperous above the person? I grow in family where bringing up me mother and the grandmother, were faithless people. In the childhood I had no place to receive the information on religion, but I vaguely felt, that there is he - Mercifull and Great in Which hands of destiny of people.

During youth I read a lot of literature on religion but then it was only atheistic, and answers to questions interesting me I did not find. Then, in the beginning 90 in my hands the new Testament has got. After its studying has arisen even more mess: I could not understand, how Isa, the world to him, could be and the person and at the same time the God how the God can have sons or daughters, what, everything, such "Trinity" why the person carries with itself "fall of man"?

I have tried to set these questions to the orthodox priest, but he has on the move answered me, that in Book it is necessary to believe instead of to be betraid to reflections about essence read. Especially to me the institute sacred, martyrs or flatterers, and how can define(determine) church who is sacred and who is not present was not clear.

The most paradoxical for me a question that was, what for the huge church organization, all the same, is necessary, and really it is impossible for the person directly, without intermediaries to address to the God, than, all the same, cardinal priests differ from other weight of believers. So I appeared at the crossroads.

Attempts to live only the blessings of the world of this success have not brought, private life did not develop, I more and more felt like lost and the stray. Unexpectedly, in the spring 1998 to me there was a person, my colleague, the surgeon who has worked almost 12 years in Mauritania (northwest Africa) and come back for a while to Russia. There he became a moslem. Constantly communicating with him, I more and more found out about bases of the Islam. he specially found for me the literature in Russian, told itself much, read aloud and translated the Koran. The blessing, he well knew Arabian, the same as the native Russian. he explained the knowledge of language very modestly: " I you see there was one such nationality (not the arab), besides the doctor. It was impossible to speak with accent or it is wrong, therefore, I tried ". Has passed not enough time, and I became a moslem.

Once we together with Halid (my comrade) came in a mosque, and on the ending dzhuma-namaza, at presence imam and some more several moslems, I have made shahada. From this moment my life has sharply changed.Found in the Islam for that I subconsciously felt and long searched, I have found a peace of mind. To steel words of Prophet Muhammad, yes are clear to me will bless his Allah and welcomes: "

Each child carries in itself a rudiment of the Islam are parents make him christian, jew or the pagan ".

Private life was adjusted, there came the world and calmness in family.

Very much many were surprised: the young man working in such especially materialistic sphere, besides engaged in a science, and suddenly - a moslem, visits a mosque, does not eat some pork, carries a beard, pray?

Certainly, not all in my environment have apprehended my choice with understanding. Me named also a lunatic and " the traitor of Russia ", and "vahhabi" (mainly because of a beard). But that sneers of ignoramuses cost?

As we know from Hadith this world is a prison for mu'min and paradise for the kafir ",

" Let people laugh at you now is better, than sneers of shaitans at you in Day of Judgement ". --------------------------------------------------------------------------------