In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Sister Stacy

Assalam Ailkuim Sisters and Brothers,

I will answer your question of how I embraced Islam. It's a longer story but I'll give you a shortened version of it!

While I was growing up, I was raised Catholic. My parents brought us up that during elementary schooling we were to be taught Catholicism and attended a Catholic High School, but once in high school religion wasn't looked upon. This was because by high school we were all old enough to decide if we wanted to further our Catholicism of not or to follow another religion. They just wanted us to know that there are religions out in the world and that there is only one God!

I kept attended our local church and entered university. One of my first classes was Relgious Studies - a world perspective. The proff taught us every religion including Islam. I fell in love or maybe better put inspired by the Islamic Chapter. It is because everything we were being taught I could really relate to. I kept saying to myself "I do this already, I do that already, I understand that etc.." Then I started reading more books on Islam and a Muslims way of life and I started thinking of my own life and how I never really fitted in during high school and even during university at that time. That is, I never dated, I didn't want to, I have never been kissed by a man, a liked to stay home and take care of my parents (I still am), and so forth. Also, lots of my friends were dating and getting pregnant and I didn't think this was very respectful and honorable and I wanted to stay as pure as possible until I am married. I didn't know why, but it is what I felt deep inside of me and I still believe this. Also I never drank alcohol nor do I eat pork. I just haven't tried it nor do I want to try it. I just didn't! Another reason why I really started getting interested in Islam is because of how parent's are looked upon. I had a scholarship to Harvard to study medicine but turned it down to stay home and take care of my parents (they are in their 70's and ver ill). Everyone I know was looking down on me and telling me I was crazy to do such a foolish thing! I just told them that my parent's have always done everything for me, made unknownable amounts of sacrifices for me, what is this one thing for me to do for them!

What I didn't know at that time was that Muslims look up to people who do this and it made me feel happy to know that by some people I am not looked down on for staying home to take care of my parents.

I guess in short I really felt like I belonged (and still do belong) to my muslim family. I feel like that missing peice to me life is now full-filled. It is because everything that Muslims do, the way they act, the way us sisters dress modestly, the way we eat, everything, I have always done - I just didn't know or understand why and I couldn't understand why I didn't fit in with my Catholic friends as must as I fit in with my muslim sisters and my muslim family...

I hope this kind of answers your question as to why I converted and become a sister.

Thank you


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