Afraid of Practicing Islam in front of parents

Allah requires Muslims to be brave in front of their parents, society and the whole world. Its a difficult task. But don't we do many difficult tasks in this world?

 In  school students have to do many difficult tasks, they go through enormous amounts of stress, some are even bullied but no one will say pupils should stop going school or stop studying.

At work people are made to do huge amounts of work day after day and year after year.

We risk our lives and health for our career.

When I was studying at  university  we had to use very dangerous chemicals. Some could cause cancer if inhaled, some could cause coma, others were exploding very close to our faces and students were terrified but everyone did those experiments just to pass the course.

In some countries  were police are corrupt many people are willing to risk their lives for a piece of farm land. Surely  Jannah (heaven )is worth more than a piece of farm land or a house or business or our carreers

We see in the movies the brutality of torture by the Mafia and we even hear it happening to people in real life. It makes one wonder how people risk their lives for worldly things.

Our Islam is more valuable than anything in this world and we must be willing to go through hardship even if it be torture to reach that goal of pleasing Allah the most.

Majority of the  Sahabah (prophets companions) were  converts and the few that were not were the children of converts. They were mostly Arab converts but they had a black convert, a Persian convert and even a European convert.

These Sahabah had to go against their parents, they were tortured for their Islam. They had to do jihad for Allah cause to make Allah's word supreme. (By Jihad I mean fight with swords, weapons etc). Something that was very difficult and involved the risk of being killed.

 The non Muslims were so cruel and ruthless to Muslim prisoners that they even boiled the Muslim prisoners in hot boiling oil.

 The sahabah knew what could happen to them if the enemy captured them, yet that did not stop them for working for Islam and being firmly commited

For instance In the 19th year of the Islamic callendar the  rightly guided Khalif Umar  dispatched an army against the Christians of the Europe. The Muslim General Abdullah ibn Hudhafah and his Mujahids fell captive to the Christians.

The European Christians had fought many wars against the Sahabah and they had told  their king  about the amazing bravery and fighting ability of the Sahabah.

Every European king wanted his offspring to be strong so that his child can become ruler after he has died. So the king thought  if I get this Sahabi to convert to Christianity and marry my daughter then my grandchildren will have these super human  qualities too. This Ignorant king  didn't realize that the Sahabi were amazing in battle because Allah helped them against their enemies.So the Christian Emperor looked at Abdullah for a long time and said "I shall make a proposal to you."
Abdullah ibn Hudhafah said "What is it?" .

Christian "I suggest that you become a Christian. If you do this, you will be set free and I shall grant you a safe refuge."

Abdullah ibn Hudhafah he said said "Death is preferable to me a thousand times to what you ask me to do."

Then the Christian said "I see that you are a bold man. However, if you respond positively to what I propose to you, I will give you a share in my authority and swear you in as my aide."

Here he was offering half his kingdom to this Sahabi. Imagine your offered half of all the wealth in USA or Europe and the Presidents Daughter too and when the leader dies its all yours.

Abdullah ibn Hudhafah smiled and said "By Allah, if you give me all that you possess and all that the Arabs have in exchange for giving up the religion of Muhammad, I shall not do so."

Christian King  said "Then I shall kill you."

Abdullah answered "Do what you want,"


The Christians put him on a cross and threw spears at him near his hands and feet and all the time were telling him to convert to Christianity. (nowadays they say convert to Christianity or at least secularism whilst throwing missiles on the Muslim homes).

Abdullah refused and so the Christian king  ordered that  huge container. which looked like a cow, to be brought forth. They put oil in it and set fire to it. The oil began to boil furiosly.

Muslims priosners were brought close to the container and then the Christians started to throw them one by one into the boiling oil.

This was being done infront of the Muslim general Abdullah to terrify him.

Then they too the Muslim General Abdullah towards this boiling Container. tears from his eyes started to fall.

 On seeing this the  Christians terrorist King thought they had finally broken Abdullah. So he  told him to convert  to Christianity but once again Abdullah  refused.

The Christian King said "Damn you! Why did you weep then"?

Abdullah said  " Don't think I cried because of fear of death. The reason I cried is because I remembered I only have one soul and my soul is going to leave now and I desired to have as many souls as the number of hairs on my body and to have all of them thrown into this pot for the sake of Allah."
The tyrant Christian then said, "Will you kiss my head? I will then set you free?"

Abdullah asked "And all the Muslim prisoners also?"

Emperor agreed to do and Abdullah said to himself, "One of the enemies of Allah! I shall kiss his head and he shall set me and all other Muslim prisoners free. There can be no blame on me for doing this."

He then went up to the King and kissed his forehead and all the Muslim prisoners were released and handed over to Abdullah.

Abdullah ibn Hudhafah eventually came to Khalif Umar ibn al Khattab and told him what had happened.

Khalif Umar was very pleased with Abdullah for saving the Prisoners. So  he looked at the prisoners he said, "Every Muslim has a duty to kiss the head of Abdullah ibn Khudhafah and I shall start."

Khalif Umar then got up and kissed the head of Abdullah ibn Hudhafah.

Another example is that which is mentioned in the quran and it is of the wife of Pharaohs wife who was called Asiya.

Pharaoh believed that he was God and wanted people to worship him. Allah sent Prophet Musa (Moses peace be upon him) to call the people to worship only Allah. Pharaohs and his wife Asiya  did not have children of their own and she was longing for children.

She took Prophet Musa (peace be upon him as a baby, not knowing who he was. She looked after him and raised him up with much love. When Musa  finally became a Prophet he preached that only Allah deserved to worship and Asiya believed in his message. Pharoah was furious at Musa for  that there was no God except allah and only allah desrve dto be worshiped. So he wanted Prophet Musa killed but Prophet  Musa managed to escape. 

The wife of Pharah was given everything a wordly woman could ask for. The richest most powerful man in the land, a palace, finest cloths, servants and so on but she became Muslim and gave that all up for Allah.

When Pharaoh found out that she too  was muslim he was enraged and he told his soldiers torture her.  When the torture became unbearable instead of asking Pharaoh to forgive her.  She Screamed asking Allah to build a house in Jannah for her.

Her steadfastness was due to her strong belief in Allah, loyalty to Allah's Prophet and this raised her status to become one of the best four best women of all time, along  Mariam the Mother of Prophet Eesa (Jesus), Khadijah the wife of Prophet Muhammad and Fatimah the Daughter of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them all)

All of these four women had deep conviction, they were very wise andvery brave in a very hostile environment, They stood by their Prophets when they needed them the most. They encouraged and helped the Prophets in their mission.

One of the arguments that some so called Muslims make nowadays is that Muslims must show gratitude to the kuffar for all the things they give to  Muslim in the west ( education, health care, right to work, welfare) and Muslim countries (such as Aid and technology). However Allah is teaching us from this story that we must even go against those who have done everything for us if they are against Islam. In reality whatever they have is from Allah. If Allah hadnt given them they would not be even able to give us.

If Allah didnt give them a academic ability they would not have been able to produce the technology we have today. Every molecule and every atom and that which is even smaller  Allah made and gave humans. Even the Oxygen we breathe is from Allah.   .

Not only that you have many ex Hindus who say we dont want to hurt our parents feelings they love us and we love them. We must realize love didnt arise from their hearts but one of the mercies that Allah sent to earth was this love for parent for his/her child. If Allah hadnt sent this love to earth you will not have received any love from your parents. Jahilia effects people in different ways. Some become adultrers/ adulteress, some become heartless toward others but not towards their own kids, some become heartless towards their own kids.

You can test your parents and siblings love by sticking to what Allah says and see if they stay beside you.

Some parents appear to love their children immensely. For instance child is in pain they will say sincerely if I could transfer that pain from you my son I will do it right away and you can see it in their eyes that they mean it. But a situation comes were even a mother or father will not do what is right for their child but will do what benefits them.

I will give you an example amongst jahils in our ummah. The son finds a wife who is pious and has good character. She is will be loyal to him, raise his kids well, be nice to him and his kids. But she is not from his family or his tribe. He presents this prospect to his parents who love him immensely, they cry if he hurts himself

The parents have arranged his marriage to their brothers daughter or their best friends daughter. Parent will say you must marry this girl. The girl maybe a bit crooked, she may have habbit of lying, causing fights, not praying nor wearing hijab. But the parent is scared of what his brother or friend will think and what society will say that he allowed his son to marry an outsider and leave his own. The mother and father of the boy will marry their own son to a bad girl because not doing so will hurt them because people may mock them or his/her siblings may not talk to them and for their selfishness they are ready to ruin their sons life and their grand childrens life. So were is the love,care and loyality to your son and his welfare? Love shouldnt be unconditional that you love your children even if they commit injustice and treachury against Islam but there should be love and loyality when it comes to what is Islamically right for your child. So if a parent really loves their child they wont marry him her of to a bad person just to avoid the thorny words and evil looks form others. They should be brave enough to do what is right.

Similarly a non muslim parent should stick by his/her child when they accept the truth if they love the child above their self interests. We have converts whose parents are non Muslim and they love their children so much that they are willing to defend their child in public no matter what the consequences.

How humiliating would it be for a priest to see his daughter convert to Islam in from of his congregation?

We get these happening. We get fathers who dislike their daughters becoming Muslim but when someone says look at that girl wearing hijab, she is a traitor, the father standing away from her hears that and says Thats my daughter you talking about and is ready to fight them. That shows love for his daughter is greater than love for his false religion and fear of what his fellow co-religionists may say or do.

Your on the Haq (truth) and you have done nothing wrong so your parents and family should stick by you. If they dont then were is the love?
We should show gratitude to Allah more than even our parents because he gave our parents everything that they gave us.

You must understand that Islam is the truth and those on falsehood will burn in hell for ever and if you truly love your parents then you will plead with them, cry, take their shouting etc in the hope that they will change and accept Islam.

I gave you the story of Asiya and the Sahabi Abdullah ibn Hudhafah especially because of their great importance. One being mentioned in the Quran and hadith , the other being a sahabi because they are our role models and these role models should inspire us like Sister Heera a Hindi convert to Islam form India.

You say your parents are orthodox hindus look at Sister Heera's Family and really it brings shame on to every Muslim born or converted who complains about his families opposition towards them practicing Islam or revealing their Islam.

Heera can from a hindu family in India. Her Uncle and father had so much hate for Islam and Muslims that they were involved in many murders of Muslims in India. In just one occasion only they killed 25 Muslims and on several occasions they killed many Muslim. They proudly boasted how many innocent Muslims they had killed for not being Hindu. Their daughter also hated Muslims and Islam because of her family.

But she got her self one day into an awkward position with her Hindu boyfriend and a Muslim boy protected her and helped her to reach safely home.

After this she changed her opinion of Muslims and started going to a Muslim girls house were she was given books on Islam and eventually converted. She prayed in secret and eventually ran away from home. She was living at an Imam sisters house but one day she had dream about her Mother dying.

She started to think about her mother dying as a kaffir and the thought of her mother going to hell forever made her start crying and screaming. They tried to tell her not to worry and if she went back her family make take her away from islam. to protect her Emaan she decided not to go but the dream kept bothering her and she said she must go. So Imam gave her permission to go to her parents but told her that you should go home only with the intension of calling your family to Islam and if you really have love for your parents then the most important right of love is to give dawah to them and try yo save them from the fire of hell. She said they even scream at the name of Islam. They will not accept Islam. But she went home and told her family that when the Imam said when Allah opens their hearts to Islam then they will hate kufr and shirk as they now hate Islam. Imam told her you also used to hate Islam. So make dua and intension and a promise to me that you are going for the purpose of call your family to Islam. If you go with this intension then either Allah will protect you or if you suffer hardship then it will be the same hardship that is in the sunnah of our Prophet peace be upon him. if they kill you then you will be shaheed and that is teh best way to get to jannah.

She went home and upon seeing her the uncle began kicking her and beat her with his shoe. She wouldnt say were she was but said she has become Muslim and no one can turn her away from Islam.

The more they tried to force her to leave Islam, the more she called them to Islam.

Her mother was suffering from a severe illness and two months latter she died but she embraced Islam before she died. She wanted her mother to have Islamic burial. Telling them she had converted to Islam but they didnt believe her and they gave her a Hindu burials by burning her as is their custom. Her Uncle said she kept causing a commotion in the house every day. Sometimes Calling her brothers to Islam and sometimes calling her father to Islam. They packed her of to her mothers brothers but they returned her after a while because they got angry with debates.

Her Fathers Brother asked the hindu leaders what to do. They said kill her.

One day The uncle and her father told her they were taking her to her aunties home in a village.

She did not believe them and was convinced that their intensions were to kill her so she prepared herself to meet her Allah in the purest form. She went and made ghusl, put on new cloths and said uncle let me pray my last Namaz (salah/prayer).

Her Uncle said She quickly prayed ( ie without fear or trying delay what was about to happen) and went quietly with them like a bride (going to her wedding)

There were two paths on the way leading toward populated areas but they headed towards a deserted area. She didnt say to them which way is it to aunties house.

But when she got near the place were her uncle had previously dug a trench she must have realized this was the place were they would kill her. So she smiled at her father and asked Are you taking me to aunties house or this house?

Then Her zalim uncle pushed her into the trench and she fell down and He started pouring 5 litres of petrol on her and said All the time you tell us how you are going to save us from the fire of hell. Now you enjoy the fire. He threw a burning match towards her

Her new cloths caught fire and , She immediately got up and extended her hands in dua
and said Oh my Allah are watching me.
Oh my Allah are watching me.

Oh My Allah do you love me.
Oh My Allah do you love your Heera very much.
Oh my Allah do you love this Heera in this trench,
Oh My Allah Do you love this burning Heera. After your love I don't need anyone elses love.

Her love for her fmaily was so much that she that she said loudly Pita Ji app zaroor Islam Kabul Kar leyna. Musulmaan Zaroor ho jaana. Chacha Musulmaan Zaroor ho jaana. (Father you must accept Islam and become a Muslim. Uncle you must become Muslim ).

The uncle became furious and dragged the crying father away. When they returned to the trench they could hear the words laa ilaaha illaallaah coming loudly from there.

Her father became ill shortly after and before dying accepted Islam and wanted to be buried in the Muslim way.

Her uncle was angry and scared that his family members were converting to Islam one by one but a serious events took place and he also became Muslim.

He now realized the evil actions he had done especially to his niece and thought what hope was there for him of Allah's forgiveness.

The Imam told him that Allah forgives all sins when someone converts to Islam. He was so upset with his actions that he wanted to do something that will counter the evils that he had done before, So he decided instead of killing Muslims he would now try to save as many Muslims as he could. He spied on the Hindu extremists by pretending to be a Muslim. By doing so he was able to foil 10 or attacks on Muslims.

He said what brought him some comfort was when he was able to save 400 Muslim children from being burned to death by Hindus. He learnt of the hindus plan to attack a madrasa and burn all the 400 kids inside that Madrasa. He called the police and he himself rushed there and managed to get to the Madrasa 10 minutes before the attack and helped kids escape the attack by going through the back door.

The sisters name was Heera which means Jewel. Her uncle said she became a real jewel.

After reading this story I don't think any one can complain about their situation and difficulties in praying. They have the solution. If they cannot practice their religion at home then they should try to move out. If they fear their parents will harm them then they should try to escape to safety as soon as they can.

Those of you are older members of this site will remember we had a similar case were a sister whose parents are sikh found her advanced Islamic books. Her father said if she converted he will chop her up, put her in a bin bag and throw her in the river.

My advice for her was to tell the police and they can help move to a safe locations as she lived in the west. That way if her parents file missing report to try and find her. The police will know firstly not to give her family information of her location and even put her in an area were they are less likely to find her. She didnt listen and her father did find out were she was living but Alhamdulillah she was married by then and she called the police who arrested her father. That was enough to deter him.

May Allah make our Emaan strong . like the heros of Islam. Ameen.

Walaykum Salaam