In the name of Allah ,the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful

Benefits of Niqab Story

By Oum Hajar(a revert To islam)

Asalamalaykum wa Rahmatullah wa Baraketu

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Islam,

I am a Muslimah who reverted to Islam after I got married to an Egyptian Muslim. Alhamdullilah…Qadr…I am a foreigner living in Cairo, Egypt.

I have been wearing the niqab for 3 years now, I have decided to wear it when I was pregnant with my daughter Hagar, despite my husband's relatives telling me not to do so as I may stumble or fall. I still did…it is Jihad nifsi. Allah (SWT) has always been with me. Alhamdullilah.

I too was used to wearing all sorts of fads before especially when I worked as a flight attendant, before I met my husband in 1995.

SubhanAllah! Niqab, is good for women as it avoids deceitful eyes, temptation for men which will lead them to sin. The shaitan works in very mysterious ways, that's his job, to ead us away from Allah.

We all have difficulties to breath, and it gets hot in there too sometimes. But we women who wear niqab believe, the more
difficulties you have for Allah's cause, and bear it, the more rewards we obtain in paradise, InshaAllah.

I practiced Islam after reading and reading and reading…this triggered me to do so when my husband asked me questions about Christianity. And I can't just answer him rationally! To think, I was brought up in an all girls school run by nuns, and a mother who is a devoted Catholic.

This is my short story:

Before I got married, I worked in a Muslim country for four years as flight attendant. While I attended mass, I could hear the Adhan calling. It bothered me and thought the sounds they were doing were strange. Being brought up and sent to an all girls school run by nuns and a mother who was devoted to the Roman Catholic religion, I had totally no idea what is Islam!

I got married in mid 1997,lived with my husband in his country and converted to Islam by the end of the year. When I saw my mother-in- law prostrating on the floor, I thought it was also strange. I converted to Islam without knowing anything about it.

After taking loads of tests after two years of not conceiving, I then knew that both my fallopian tubes were blocked, I had a growing pituitary tumor and the ovaries making the eggs were weak. I was sickly when I was young, I even had a thyroidectomy at 16.

In the end of the year 2000, my husband all of a sudden started to pray. I guess, Allah had given him the chance. Both of us were working that time in a five star hotel. My husband told me to pray so that Allah would give us a child. In mid 2001, he taught me how to pray, and I was reading the Sahih Al Bhukhairi by Dr. Mohammed Muhsin Khan at the same time. Later on, realizing that the god of Islam is the god of Abraham and all the prophets, Jesus was one of
them. Allah as what the Muslims call Him is the One True God.

Ramadan before the year 2002 came I was praying the lailatul qadr and would wake up an hour before the fajr to pray. I would even pray with my husband and we would ask Allah to give us a child. I knew I was crying most of the time when asking HIM heartedly and sincerely. Just as a
child crying when it wants something from the parent.

In February 2002, I had an In-vitro Fertilization operation for short, test tube baby. After two weeks, I was confirmed pregnant and is blessed by Allah with a beautiful and healthy baby girl. ALHAMDULILLAH!!!!!

It was a miracle, as not too many women conceive right away on the first try with IVF. I knew that God has given me a gift. I knew that if we work hard for something it is always given to you. I left my life in the hands of God even when I was young. I made Allah my Auliya. I have proven to myself and I want to show the world that there is no might and power except with Allah!

Fee Amaan Allah
Oum Hagar